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Everything You Need to Know About Subway Tiles

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If you're considering high-quality tiling solutions for your home, knowing about the various available options can be beneficial, helping you to make a more informed decision overall. Fortunately, our experts at WiFi Ceramics are here to assist. In line with this, we are highlighting key advantages of subway tiles today to aid your decision-making process regarding their suitability for your property.

What are Subway Tiles?

When choosing a type of tile for your home, there’s a lot you’ll potentially need to consider, and the type of tile is one of the main points here. Subway tiles, specifically, are specialist tiling products that are designed to resemble the luxurious, shiny tiles often seen in subway stations. This helps give them a highly versatile nature, and they are widely used in both homes and commercial properties alike accordingly. Notably, subway tiles are often used in kitchens, bathrooms/restrooms, and the like.

Subway Tile

What are the Main Properties of Subway Tiles?

There are several main properties of subway tiles that help to make them versatile solutions for use in various applications, and considering these can help you make the most of your subway tiles accordingly.

One of the main properties of subway tiles that helps make them popular options for many people and properties is their stunning aesthetic appeal. Subway tiles are unique for their shiny, gloss finish and eye-catching appearance, which helps make them easy to integrate into many different settings.

Nevertheless, while subway tiles are usually rectangular or square tiles, they can come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, based on your specifications and requirements. In line with this thought, making sure that you’ve considered how subway tiles might work for your needs is crucial.

Plus, it’s also worth keeping in mind here that subway tiles are also incredibly durable and waterproof. In line with this thought, for many people, subway tiles can offer a reliable and versatile option that’s easier to maintain accordingly.

Subway Tile

Are Subway Tiles Expensive to Buy?

When looking for the right material to include in your property, knowing about the different options available is hugely important - and as part of this, considering the price can really help inform your decision. Fortunately, subway tiles don’t necessarily need to be an expensive option, and the cost of these can actually vary significantly. As such, there are plenty of excellent, affordable, and good-value options on the market, making them versatile products to consider accordingly. Plus, they’re also relatively easy to install, cutting the costs of adding them to your property.

Subway Tile

Where Can I Find High-Quality Subway Tiles?

If you think that the properties of subway tiles could lend themselves readily to your needs, knowing where to shop is vital. After all, not all subway tiles are necessarily created equal, so investing in the highest-quality products is integral. Luckily, this is something that we can help with, and our premium collection of inspired subway tiles could be the perfect option to help take your home to new heights. Feel free to contact us at

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