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Everything You Need to Know about 20mm Porcelain Tiles

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20mm porcelain tiles are incredibly versatile products, but if you have been looking to add these to your property and take your home to the next level, giving them a try could really help. But what are 20mm porcelain tiles, and might these be right for your needs? Well, we’ve outlined several key things you should know as follows to help you decide whether porcelain tiles will be the right options for your needs.

What are Porcelain Tiles?

Before we go any further, we first need to consider what porcelain tiles actually are. Simply put, porcelain tiles are a man-made product, usually made from kiln fired clay, which is formed into a thing, flat tile for use in many different applications. Porcelain tiles can often be shaped into various shapes and sizes, making them practical for many designs.

One factor that is highly important to consider regarding porcelain tiles is the thickness of the tile. This can impact the cost and ease of laying significantly, however, thicker tiles, such as 20mm porcelain tiles, often provide an excellent level of strength and durability, making them ideal for high-traffic environments.

20mm Popular Tile

The Benefits of 20mm Porcelain Tiles

Thus far, we’ve briefly considered what porcelain tiles are - but how might 20mm tiles work for your needs? Well, there are several key benefits that are well worth keeping in mind here.

#1 Durability and Cost-Efficacy

One of the best reasons to opt for a porcelain tile is simple: they are incredibly durable and provide excellent resistance to weathering, all while offering a cost-effective solution overall.

There are several reasons for this; for one thing, porcelain tiles are not susceptible to water damage thanks to their non-porous nature, especially when you buy from a quality-focused team such as ours here at WiFi Ceramics. What’s more, porcelain tiles are hard wearing, do not scratch or chip easily, and are stain resistant. As such, they can offer a long lasting investment for your home with very little maintenance needed.

#2 Range of Design Options

Another key benefit to consider is the wide range of design options available with porcelain tiles. Indeed, since they can be designed to fit a range of settings and styles, they are often able to emulate specific stone types, patterns, or wood grains. In turn, this makes them excellent for use in a huge array of settings, regardless of the current home design.

#3 Ease Of Installation

As a final benefit, the ease of installation for porcelain tiles is well worth keeping in mind. Indeed, their lightweight and easy-to-handle nature makes laying porcelain tiles much easier. Furthermore, 20mm porcelain tiles often come pre-cut, and these can easily be adjusted based on the project’s requirements. As such, they are easy and practical to lay in an array of situations, making them quicker to get in place.

20mm Popular Tile

Final thoughts

Overall, 20mm porcelain tiles can offer a wide range of benefits, and keeping this in mind can help you decide whether they’ll be right for your needs. However, don’t chance it; it’s always best to talk this choice over with a specialist supplier first to help you decide if porcelain tiles might be right for your needs. Fortunately, this is where we here at WiFi Ceramics can help; email us at to learn more.

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