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Ceramic Tile Selection is An Important Link in Building A Retro-style House Decoration

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Whenever you talk about the retro style house decorations, you are referring to the several decades of styles which have lingered until now. The term 'retro' was a common term for the 1950, 60 and 70 décor. Although there is a mix with the vintage style when people describe it. However, the term describes almost any interior decorating theme with much influence from both the past and the trends as we have them today. 

The retro-style is a great theme for just about any home today. Though it takes its root from decades past, it is still in trend, and anyone with a good eye for décor would always want to have a taste of what was in the past. To achieve such a great theme, you will need to consider some important additions. Let's look at some of the important elements that you will need to achieve this energizing décor theme.

Flooring and Accents 

The flooring, there are three choices you can make for the retro style décor. They are a bold mix of ceramic tiles placed in a checkerboard pattern, shag carpeting, and natural wood. When it comes to the accents and flooring, they are great components and favorite aspects that make up the retro-style décor. Retro accessories include the scoop stools, the skate tables, the lave lamps, the door beads, and the fuzzy throw rugs. Rather than the simple still-life and landscapes, you can have the typically bold and unusual arts and sculptures leaning toward abstract pieces.

Pulling It Together

In retro style decorating, you should be ready to combine a variety of colors, textures, and shapes to achieve a unique look just as the era that influenced this style. The great thing about retro furniture is that everything is functional and useful. It is completely usable, durable, and sturdy. You need a great deal of attention when you're thinking of creating a workable retro style décor. So you must have an eye for details too. When decorating in the retro style you should be ready to mix colors and shapes. 

Checkerboard Pattern Ceramic Tile


Retro colors are one of the easiest ways to give a room a retro feel. That's not a difficult thing to achieve anyway. When you talk of colors, you should consider avocado green, which is the most popular. You can also consider the mustard yellow and a combination of other colors such as red, white, black, and brown. One of the best ways to achieve this is by adopting the color of the ceramic tiles on checkered patterns. Fortunately, the ceramic tiles price is affordable. 


You can have the broad and elongated sofas with multi-colored throw pillows to add an abstract feel to the retro style. Puzzle-piece ottomans and mitt chairs provides uniqe seating for the guests. You can also have shiny chrome barstools with bright red seats to draw attention to a wet bar.


Lighting is another important addition. You can have lamps with square or tasseled shades or simple floor lamps. Ceramic finishing also help to reflect light. Ceramic tile manufacturers are sure to provide you with the finishing you need to achieve your retro style decoration.

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