As we are wandering in the park, we always feel at ease. But what you may not have noticed is that the ease feeling is not just because of the green plants but also the facilities there. For a park, the beautification effect of ceramic tile is no less than the greenery. Only the two integrate perfectly can create a satisfying landscape. 

Sandstone Floor Tiles For Outdoor

The common ceramic tiles used in parks

Absorbent tiles and permeable pavers are the two most frequently used ceramic tiles in parks. You can find them in almost every park. They possess both aesthetic as well as durability. And what are the features making them suitable for parks? 

The characteristics of park tiles

Lively: Tiles for parks are mostly bright colors and no discoloration or fading in the sun for a long time. Therefore, it can add a vibrant feeling to the parks.

Fire-resistant: Park tiles are incombustible. It will not cause surface damages even in direct contact with cigarettes or matches, helping to protect the park far away from the fire.

Small: Park tiles are usually in a small format and easy to replace. In addition, it helps decline replacement costs and facilitates the laying and repairing of underground piping.

Non-slip: Unglazed park tiles with a rough surface have an outstanding resistance to slip and skid. It can prevent accidents and ensure the safety of passers-by, especially the elderly and children.

Hard-wearing: Generally, park tiles are wear-resistance with a thickness of 30-60mm. It is hard to rupture, which is ideal for high-traffic areas in the park, such as bike trails, parking lots, playgrounds, and leisure squares. 

Hygeian: Tiles in the park have superior stain resistance. Residue or liquid will not accumulate, and it is easy to take care of. As a result, the park tiles are beneficial for keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Ceramic Tiles in the Park

Stable: Park tiles have excellent heat and frost resistance. It can adapt to all weather conditions and not prone to physical changes. Also, park tiles are highly inactive with acids and bases, so it is hard to erosion. 

Versatile: Ceramic tiles have various laying methods. It can collage colorful and different patterns to meet varied decorative needs. Without a doubt, park tiles make park paths, pavements, jogging tracks, walkways not monotony anymore.

Water absorbing: Park tiles have great water absorption of 11-12% for being small pores. It can absorb and drain the water into the land. Besides, park tiles can dry the ground out faster with an underground drainage system. It also keeps the soil moist and helps vegetation grow.

Environment friendly: Park tiles are a new type of green environmental material. The main raw materials are cement, sand, slag, and fly ash. It is made by high-pressure forming without high-temperature firing. The entire manufacturing process reduces waste and pollution emissions.


Nowadays, many people like to walk, picnic, or jog in the park. Parks have become an inseparable part of our lives. Therefore, the choice of park tiles should meet the real needs of the public. And it also needs to maintain a particular style, making the park a unique scenery in the city.

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