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Ceramic Mosaic Tile∣ FAQs∣New Designs

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FAQs of Ceramic Mosaic Tile

● What is ceramic mosaic tile?

Ceramic mosaic tile brings personality and style to any space. Made of natural clay, it is fired in a kiln before being glazed or unglazed for different levels of durability and unique finishes that fit all designs from classic to modern. An affordable way to upgrade the look with lasting quality.



● What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic mosaic tile?

Ceramic mosaic tile is a popular choice for homeowners looking to update their floors and backsplashes with a timelessly beautiful look. Its advantages include its affordability, durability, water resistance, non-porous surface and variety of design options. The hardwearing material can last for decades, even in areas of high foot traffic such as lobbies or entryways.

While it has many benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. Ceramic mosaic tile requires more time to plan and install than regular ceramic tiles, since the small individual pieces can be difficult for DIYers and require greater precision from professionals. Additionally, the tiny grout lines between each piece must be cleaned often to keep it looking pristine and prevent the buildup of dirt or mold.



● Can you use ceramic mosaic tile in the shower?

Ceramic mosaic tile is perfect for livening up a shower enclosure, as it is both attractive and timeless. Unlike other tile types, ceramic mosaic tiles are able to hold up against the damp environment found in the shower due to its strong material and hygienic qualities. Plus, its small size makes it easier to cover all areas in order to create a water-proof seal. Making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely functional.



● Do ceramic mosaic tiles need to be sealed?

Sealing ceramic mosaic tiles is critical to prevent water and moisture damage, while also improving the sticking power of the adhesive and preventing staining of the finished product. There is a variety of sealants specific for ceramic mosaics, each formulated to ensure optimal results. Taking the time to seal your ceramic mosaic tile provides superb protection from potential wear and tear over time.


● What do you use to stick ceramic mosaic tile to a wall?

When attaching mosaic tile to a wall, one of the best ways to create a secure bond is by using thinset. Thinset is an ideal bonding agent for areas that are exposed to water, such as showers, pools, fountains, spas, outdoor projects and all types of tub surrounds. On the other hand, if you're looking for artistic mosaic appeal on your wall, PVA adhesive can be just what you need.



● Can i use ceramic mosaic tile on the floor?

Ceramic mosaic tiles are a popular choice for flooring and come in a variety of styles and colors. They can be used in high-traffic indoor or outdoor areas, or even areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms and showers. Before deciding on a particular type of mosaic tile, it's important to evaluate the traffic level, location, and potential for moisture so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.


● What is the best glue for outdoor ceramic mosaic tile?

For exterior installation of ceramic mosaic tile, we recommend using thinset mortar rather than adhesives.

Ceramic Mosaic


Ceramic Mosaic Tile: Some of Our Striking Tile Designs

BHAU08246 features shades of blue and a modern elongated hex pattern for a sleek, distinctive look. Made from ceramic, this tile is the perfect way to make a statement in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, break room, and other indoor spaces in residential and commercial applications. Use this for kitchen backsplashes, shower and bath surrounds, accent walls, and more.

BHWU08236B features a soft green background and ceramic mosaic for tonal consistence. Its design is reminiscent of the peaks of a picket fence, giving it a modern flair.It coordinates well with various natural stone products and slabs in WIFi's inventory. Suitable for countertops, accent walls, and other features.

HPXD0004A ceramic mosaic tile adds a unique aesthetic to any space with its black hues, metallic shimmer, and beveled edge. The tiles are mesh-backed for easy installation of herringbone patterns. Low-maintenance and resistant to water, stains, and mildew making it ideal for backsplashes, accent walls in residential or commercial projects.

HFS6470A ceramic mosaic tile is a perfect addition to any residential or commercial interior space, with its cool white tones and modern fan shape. As light hits the glazed tile, it adds texture and depth to the room. The ceramic mosaic tile is easy to care for, stain-resistant, and durable; making it ideal for use as an accent wall or countertop tiles in kitchens backsplashes, showers walls etc.

BHTH04066 is a glossy terra red and speckled ceramic mosaic tile with a long rectangular shape, similar to the popular chocolate bar. This Kitkat-inspired tile is highly suitable for wall tiling as well as curved surfaces such as countertops or bars.

BHBD08258 is a serene shade of blue finger mosaic that evokes the feeling of being by the ocean. It has a bold yet enduring look, making it suitable for both homes and work environments. This tile can be used to add cheer to an office tea point or food station, as well as on counter fronts in restaurants and bars for quintessential visual appeal.

Tired of seeing boring room after boring room? BHPAW001MIX ceramic mosaic tile is the perfect way to create a lively and vibrant space. The tiles come in a combination of grey and black tones, seamlessly woven together for an eye-catching pattern. They are ideal for backsplashes, accent walls, and shower surrounds.

BHWA06032 ceramic mosaic tile adds an exotic element to any design with its striking geometric pattern. This tile is durable and easy to install, making it a great choice for kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, bathrooms, entryways and countertops. It's also easy to clean for maintenance purposes.

If a bold backdrop isn’t your cup of tea, you might be in the market for a backsplash tile that adds a subtle flair without taking away from the other design elements in your kitchen or bathroom. For a chic and sophisticated backsplash tile, consider HH6470 ceramic mosaic tile with its white-cool tones that will draw your eye throughout the entire room.

Glazed kit kat wall tiles were named for the art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed trees and shrubs. The shade is reminiscent of pale olive.ME109A-1 ceramic mosaic tiles work well in bathrooms paired with whites and corals or pinks, as well as kitchens as a practical splashback solution. Bamboo accessories can be used to accentuate the Japanese style when using these tiles.

Introduce Your Ceramic Mosaic Tile from WIFi Ceramics

WIFi Ceramics is proud to present our unique ceramic mosaic tile, a stylish and modern choice for any decor. Crafted with modern precision, its intricate design detail is second to none. Our ceramic mosaic tile has a long-lasting finish that will never go out of style. It's also incredibly durable and has been certified for use in wet environments; perfect for adding a unique accent to an outdoor patio or pool area. With WIFi Ceramics' ceramic mosaic tile, you can get the latest trend with total peace of mind, knowing it will last for years. Contact us now!

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