Are you planning to decor your bathroom? Bathroom design, color and tile ideas need to be prepared for! The concept of bathroom wall tile design is related to the entire design of the living space. Today, bathroom wall tiles design trends are also diverse, including the simple bathroom design of small urban houses, and luxurious large houses with bathtubs and large walk-in showers.

Nowadays, more and more internationally renowned designers are working with bathroom, bathtub and tile manufacturers to promote innovation in bathroom design to create a variety of showers and bathroom appliances. This fully demonstrates the importance of design, as the trend of bathroom design is getting stronger and stronger, bathrooms will no longer be just functional, and like any other aspect of interior bathroom wall tiles design trends, bathroom design has also been influenced by global developments.

All WIFi bathroom tiles come in a wide range of colors and sizes and are the result of inborn passion, constant commitment and continuous research for new solutions.

Bathroom wall tiles pattern design - abstract 

Inspired by industrial interiors in the mid-century, and combining Nordic attitudes to simplicity and elegance and creative Italian craftsmanship, the collection successfully met the market's demand for multifunctional bathroom furniture. In 2020, the graphic patterns and 3D representations of tiles will become lighter, with delicate outlines, remain delicate, and have the same color as the body of the tiles. Between matte and glazed, shapes, prints and geometries have a dramatic effect.

This graphic design can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as on floors and walls, and there are countless possible combinations. In addition to its functionality, in a sense, this tile combination also provides an easy-to-clean surface for walls and floors, with patterns that can be created between color and geometry, presenting what most tile series today do not Modern art elements.

Bathroom wall tiles pattern design - striping

In 2020,the striped shape of the tiles is unique and modern. Tradition inspired to imaginative modern style, it has a variety of creative forms, this bathroom furniture is rich in texture, materials and expressions. The works of well-known and creative designers from around the world are very interesting and provide a lot of ideas. 

This is an integral part of modern bathroom design; it can bring joy and beauty. Tiles are one of the best bathroom decoration schemes. This scheme is very practical because tiles are highly waterproof and flexible in design. Using tiles allows you to decorate a truly unique bathroom.

Tiles are widely used in people's home life. From balcony, living room, kitchen, bathroom, every home space may use floor tiles. With the development of science and technology and the fusion of multiple cultures, ceramic tiles are no longer a single color, and creative and thoughtful ceramic products have gradually appeared.


If you're looking for a tile that is both stylish and functional, then look no further than our WIFi  Ceramics. Ideal for use in bathrooms, these tiles are water resistant and easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for any busy household.So contact us now!

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