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“An ideal bathroom should be able to evoke a pleasant mood and create a relaxing atmosphere that help people to recharge from the day.” 
We work with local excellent sanitary ware factories to provide you with an integrated solution to save your overall cost.
Bathroom Vanity With Sink
Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity
Modern Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanities

Wooden surfaces are made of high-quality white oak or mahogany, bringing warmth and character to the bathroom. 
The new generation of eco-friendly stainless steel panels have a stunning look and extremely durable, 100% moisture resistant and waterproof.
Cost-effective melamine panels are available in a variety of designs, and their elegant appearance and excellent performance are very popular nowadays.
Sintered stone countertops, as quality and durable option, have a stunning look with the sense of luxury, and are favored by many designers and homeowners.

3nity Quality

“An elegant and exquisite bathroom is embodied in every detail, every single item is meticulously selected, and the quality is strictly monitored at every stage of production .”








Wash Basin









Countert Top










Led Mirror











Research, Design & Innovation 
3nity focuses on combining stylish elements with classic designs to make our bathroom vanities both functional and beautiful. 
We pursue constant innovation and are adept at using new materials that make us stand out.
Exquisite Finish Processing 
Tactile and realistic appearance - all finishes are perfectly treated with high gloss or matt finish according to different designs.
Excellent Accessories
Quality is reflected in details such as door handles.
Branded Hardwares 
Hardwares are the key parts in furnitures. 3nity hardwares brand including: Blum, Hettich, Unihopper and DTC.

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