WIFi has released new products! Interior design has become a hot topic among people. After all, home is the warmest place in everyone's heart. WIFi has launched three new products about floor and wall decoration. Let's take a look at them together.


An exclusive porcelain series that showcases the elegance and quiet beauty of limestone. With a subtle design that is both modern yet charmingly rustic, MISTO evokes a wonderful ambience to any space, while introducing a soothing visual interest without sacrificing the overall serenity.


BOULEVARD is a stunning series of porcelain tiles created to bring a sense of industrial chic and urban sophistication to your spaces. With an edgy design that features a true likeness of precast concrete surfaces and an impressive palette of neutral hues, concrete is an ideal addition to any spaces whether is Manhattan inspired penthouse or a minimalist art gallery.


WIFi introducing our URBAN collection in different sizes, 600*1200mm for the interior design and builder industries. Combined with the wood and concrete effect to creat inviting spaces both floors and walls.

Whether you prefer modern minimalist style, rustic style, or classic style glazed porcelain tile. Choose WIFi Ceramics and get what you want.

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