As a professional ceramic tile manufacturer, WIFi has formed a mature delivery process with five parts. I'll introduce them to you in detail today.

1.Quality Inspection after Production

From raw material procurement to production, quality inspection has a perfect management system. When we have completed the production orders of our customers, our professional quality inspectors will carry out the product quality inspection according to the requirements of the customer's orders. First of all, we will inspect the anti-skid and wear resistance of the products. Then we will check again according to the customer's order requirements. Strict quality control makes our company adhere to the principle. This is not only responsible for the customers, but also for the credibility of our company.

2.The Process of Fully Automatic Packing Box Palletizing

After the quality inspection is completed, the workers will start packing the products. Our company uses a fully automatic packing box palletizing process. When packing, we choose the package that best suits our products to avoid losses during transportation. The fully automatic boxing process has greatly improved the work efficiency.

3.Product Storage

When the product is packaged, we will put the product into the warehouse. In the warehouse, we will sort according to the product packaging of different patterns. Orange and white neutral cartons represent inkjet technology products. The inkjet process is to spray the colorant on the surface of the brick. His lines are very variable and personal. Blue and white neutral cartons represent roller technology products. Roller technology products engrave the lines on the rollers. He is rolling on the brick surface. Therefore, the texture of the brick has a certain change. The placement of the classification makes the management of the warehouse more scientific.

4.Manual Palletizing

When we want to deliver goods to customers, palletizing is a crucial link. We palletize manually. Why did you do that? This will make the whole loading process more flexible. At the same time, the goods are placed more neatly and the wear and tear of the goods are reduced.

5.Loading into Container

When the above process is completed, we will carry out the final loading process for the goods. Considering the reasonable arrangement of container usage space, the goods will be placed in the container neatly. Another reason for this is that the loss of goods can also be minimized.


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