Wholesale Mosaic Tiles

Wholesale Mosaic Tiles

If you are new to mosaic tiles, then this article is for you.

#1.The definition of mosaic tile

In the English language, a mosaic is defined as "any piece of art or decoration made from small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials."

Mosaic tile was one of the first methods used to decorate buildings , floors and outdoor areas. Mosaic designs have been used since ancient times to enhance structures including fountains, altars and flooring.

Mosaic tile is easy to spot because it's treated like any other kind of tile. But it's not just any kind of tile. It's smaller than most tiles you can buy, and the pieces are often irregular shapes, which results in a unique design or pattern.

Mosaic tiles come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures so you can decorate your home with any look you want.

How is mosaic tile made?

Mosaic tiles are made of small pieces of tile that are held together in a sheet. The small pieces are cut from tiles, also called tessera. It is an individual tile, usually formed in the shape of a cube.

As mosaic tiles are mostly cutting from tiles, and the mosaic sheet is intricate in design and different in production, so mosaic tiles tend to be relatively expensive.


#2.Seven Types of wholesale mosaic tiles

In order to get the best mosaic tiles for your house, you need to investigate well about this product. You should have a clear understanding about different types of these tiles so that you can select the right one.

Shell mosaic tiles

Shell mosaic tiles

Shell mosaic tile is one of the most popular elements in modern interior design. It isn't just a decoration, but also a type of art that allows us to reflect our personal style.

There are various types of shells that are suitable for mosaics. First, you can choose either natural or artificial forms of seashells.

For example, if your design is more country-style then it's better to use naturally shaped shells in your mosaic because they will look much more subtle in the overall finish. On the other hand, if your house is decorated in a more modern way then it will be better to use the artificial shells which have smooth and even shapes.

Shell mosaic tiles also come in various forms.

For example, If you want to create a REAL shell-like mosaic design, choose snail and scallop forms because these are the most similar to real seashells. If you want to use this mosaic element for a more abstract design, combine different forms of shells and create an unusual composition.

Click here to see examples of shell mosaic tiles.

Stone mosaic tiles

Stone mosaic tiles

It is the classic and traditional terrazzo tile (stone flooring) which can be decorated with various patterns and colors. It is usually made of marble, granite or other natural stones as material .

Stone mosaic tiles possess high strength and abrasion resistance, so they are highly recommended for the outdoor flooring.

The stone mosaic tiles can create a very natural landscape that you feel comfortable with your feet on.They do not only have the quantity of beauty, but also are good for your health ,because they are make up of natural materials .

If you want to make your decoration more fancy ,this is a good choice for you.To create an impression of nature's space ,the stone mosaic flooring will be the best option for you .

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Wood mosaic tiles

Wood mosaic tiles

Wood mosaic tiles have beautiful colors which can give a fresh feeling to the place where they are used. The designs of these tiles are different from normal tiles because the patterns of colour on the tiles are made up of wood-like particles such as walnut, bamboo and others.

Wood mosaic tiles are a nice choice to add color and texture to your interior. The truth is these products come in so many different colors, materials and textures that you will have a hard time choosing just one design or pattern.

Wood mosaic tiles are mostly used in restaurants, cafes, clubs and other places where different parties are organized. It can be easily installed on walls of larger rooms with help of special glue.

Glass mosaic tiles

Glass mosaic tiles

Today, glass mosaic tiles are an attractive alternative for decorating bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. They are also typically used in swimming pools or spas because they are not prone to absorbing water the way ceramic tile might.

If you are looking for something different to decorate your bathroom, then one alternative to consider is glass mosaic tiles. While traditional ceramic tiles usually come in square or rectangular shapes, glass mosaics can be arranged differently and create interesting patterns that may enhance the overall look of any room.

One can find various versions of glass mosaic tiles, depending on their budget and preferences. Since they are made from glass, these mosaics offer a shimmering touch that will enhance any room's overall look.

With the right installation, you can create a wall that will offer a view of a beach or a pool - a perfect background for your bathroom.

In addition,glass mosaic tiles are also easy to clean and maintain. For instance, if there is dirt on one tile, all you need to do is wipe it with cleaner and paper towels.

Click here to see examples of glass mosaic tiles.

Metal mosaic tiles

Metal mosaic tiles

Metal mosaic tiles are essentially made up of components like aluminum, zinc or tin which had some more metals added into it to increase its durability. They are made up of almost 96% fresh materials that makes them highly durable and long lasting.

The metal mosaic tiles that use aluminum alloy materials has become an alternative to replace ceramic tiles with resistance against fire properties. The aluminum tiles are not only durable, but also easy to install and do not require special maintenance.

The metallic color is also created by oxidation of the material during processing, which ensures that the color will not fade over time.

At present, metal mosaic tiles are widely used in commercial buildings and residential buildings. It will make your entire house look like a piece of artwork when installed properly for years to come.

Ceramic mosaic tiles

Ceramic mosaic tiles

Ceramic mosaic tiles are made by pasting different colored particles of clay on a predetermined framework. It is widely applied in public building, kitchen room, hotel decoration and house decoration etc.

The bigger particles give the tile more color or pattern while the smaller particles make it smoother. The pasting way and particles size can make different patterns, such as hexagonal pattern, square pattern, triangle pattern and diamond shape.

The tiles are mainly classified by color. Green and blue ones are popular among customers because they can make a whole house be surrounded with the fresh atmosphere of nature. Orange and red kinds match outdoor decorations perfectly so they are often used in hotels and villas.

Click here to see examples of ceramic mosaic tiles.

Vinyl mosaic tiles

Vinyl mosaic tiles

Vinyl mosaic tiles are a variation of porcelain, ceramic and pottery products. The difference between those and vinyl mosaic tiles is the way they are made.

Vinyl mosaic tiles have been manufactured from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, more commonly known as plastic. In contrast, mosaics tend to be made from natural clay which has been fired at a specific temperature to leave a hardened product. In tile form, the difference is not as apparent because vinyl tiles often contain ceramic pieces and glazes.

When it comes to flooring, mosaic tiles are usually used for the same application as porcelain or ceramic, but they may also be used as a wall covering material in bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl mosaic tiles are most commonly used for flooring areas with heavy foot traffic, such as  halls, retail stores and restaurants. Depending on the quality of vinyl mosaic tiles, they may also be used in entryways of private homes.

Click here to see examples of vinyl mosaic tiles.


#3.Wholesale mosaic tiles indoors

Wholesale mosaic tiles indoors

Large mosaics are often used in indoor settings such as a kitchen or bathroom because they add a touch of class and elegance to the room. However, you should make sure that the mosaic tiles that you select for this purpose are durable and resistant to moisture, otherwise they can easily be damaged.

The best indoor mosaic tiles are those made from marble because it is a very dense material and so cannot be easily damaged or cracked. It is also non thermal, which means that it will not expand or contract when exposed to extremes of temperatures.

Another good choice is metal mosaic tiles.Typically metal mosaic tiles are made from aluminum so you will find that they are very durable and sturdy. They can handle a lot of foot traffic and they can be used as a backsplash for your kitchen, bathroom or any other area where you want to install them.

But if you want to save money, you could always opt for ceramic mosaic tiles. They are relatively cheap to buy, but they are porous and so need to be sealed before being laid down.



#4.Wholesale mosaic tiles outdoors

Wholesale mosaic tiles outdoors

Outdoor mosaic tiles are mainly used as decoration materials in the exterior, such as garden, courtyard and swimming pool. Outdoor mosaics are also used to decorate buildings that have been exposed for a long time to the sun, wind and rain.

When you choose mosaic tiles for your exterior or decorate a building exposed to the elements, you should consider many factors. These include porosity, color fastness, weather resistance and other anti-corrosion properties.

Glass mosaic tiles are made up of coloured glass pieces fused at high temperature with a transparent or white binder material like cement, epoxy resin etc.

Glass mosaic tiles are waterproof and frost resistant and can easily withstand all weather conditions like sun, rain and snow. They do not fade away in harsh weather conditions. These tiles are available in a variety of finishes like matte, silk finish, polished etc.

Stone mosaic tiles come with a variety of finishes like polished, silk finish etc. They provide a luxurious look to your patio and garden walkways or wall cladding areas. These tiles can be easily glued on surfaces using an adhesive backing material.


#5.Pros and Cons of mosaic tiles



Mosaic tiles come in various sizes, shapes, designs and colors as they are smaller and can be used to fill in large, small and awkward spaces.

The elegance

The most obvious reason for using mosaic tiles is appearance. You can get various colors and tones. You can choose the most elegant color for your room; it is the perfect choice for living room,bathroom,kitchen or meeting room .

Wholesale mosaic tiles

The shiny look

If you want your wall tiles to be simple but beautiful, you can always choose mosaic tiles as wall tiles. It can not only act as wall bricks, but also make your wall look like an amazing piece of art.


Durability is one of the biggest advantages of mosaic tiles. They are durable not only when used outdoors but when installed indoors as well, just ensure they are properly maintained to avoid extreme damage.

Easy to clean

Most kinds of mosaic tiles are easy to keep clean;stains are easy to remove. In most cases, a simple solution of water and vinegar will bring a sparkling light. Glass mosaic tiles are non porous, which means no mold will be produced.

Wholesale mosaic tiles



By definition, mosaic tiles are very small, which makes them fragile, easy to break and crack. Sharp objects can scratch them.

Not easy to install

Mosaic tiles are not easy to install, although there are advantages to using them. The job isn't as simple as it would be if you were tiling with normal square tiles. Installing mosaic tiles take more preparation and knowledge of the materials that will not cause problems for your tiling job.



Wholesale mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are some of the most eye-catching and attractive types of tile. They can be created with many different materials, come in all sorts of colors ,shapes and patterns, and can really add that 'WOW' factor to any room or project.So, are you still looking for easy way to spruce up your home? Why don't you try mosaic tiles?

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