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How to Choose Tiles According to Decoration Style

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Nowadays, there are more and more styles of home decoration. Everyone has his own aesthetic view and enjoys different things. With the change of the style of home decoration, the material market has increased more and more choices. So how to choose a tile matching with the decoration style is very important. Let's talk about the matching skills of decoration style and ceramic tile selection.


Ceramic tile classification & advantages

Ceramic tile materials are various, according to the use needs of the family, choose appropriate, the general needs of the family for ceramic tiles are: resistance to dirt and wear, waterproof and antiskid, brighten the space light, increase the space level, the following is a brief list of several ceramic tiles.


WIFi Ceramics High Quality Tile

1. Polished brick: hard and wear-resistant, most suitable for living room use

2. Glazed brick: impervious, dirt resistant, antiskid, easy to clean, rich in color and specifications, most suitable for kitchen and bathroom

3. Wood grain brick: long service life, high wear resistance, no need for regular maintenance, balcony can be used outdoors

4. Archaize ceramic tile: water absorption and antiskid, high safety, good touch

5. Carborundum tile: good water absorption, good antiskid effect, few designs and colors, small size, expensive price

6. Quartz brick: with the lowest water absorption and good moisture-proof ability, the bathroom is preferred to be concave and convex

7. Marble tile: Mirror luster, transparent, bright, clean, three-dimensional and fashionable

8. Vitrified brick: lower water absorption than polished brick, increase refractive index and improve space brightness

9. Bright glazed tiles: good reflective effect, highlighting the bright and clean effect of the room

10. Mosaic tile: gradual multi-level, increase decoration effect, kitchen and bathroom can be used in large area

11. Mosaic tile: ingenious pattern collage, increase the sense of space level, create multi-level three-dimensional space

12. Leather / cloth brick: the overall space is soft and delicate, showing the spatial texture, highlighting the spatial tension, which is suitable for large-area rooms 


Ceramic tile color space fusion

The color selection of ceramic tile cannot be determined by personal preference, but must be selected according to the lighting problem of the house. The room with sufficient lighting can be selected in a wide range of depth, but the room with low lighting difference on the floor must pay attention to the choice of ceramic tile with high brightness and appropriate color when choosing the color of ceramic tile.

Ceramic Tile Color Space Fusion


  1. Kitchen: it can be said that the kitchen is the integration of dirty, oil and wet, which is the most difficult space to clean in the family. For the kitchen, it is necessary to choose the glazed tiles, polished tiles and vitrified tiles that are skid proof, waterproof, hard, wear-resistant and easy to clean. The color is mainly considered to be dirt resistant.

  2. Bathroom: the ceramic tiles used in the bathroom must be glazed tiles with high density, strong water resistance, anti-skid and wear resistance. The bathroom area is generally small. You can choose mosaic to increase the space vision. The light color system is better, and the space brightness can be increased.

  3. Living room: the living room has a wide range of choices, mainly considering wear-resistant, dirty resistant, waterproof and antiskid. Vitrified brick, glazed brick and antique brick are all suitable. The color is selected and matched as a whole according to the decoration style.

  4. Bedroom: if it is the bedroom to rest in the room to lay ceramic tiles, then it is recommended to polish bricks or dermatoglyphic bricks to increase the warmth and delicacy of the space.

Tile matching decoration style

The diversity of ceramic tile must be matched with appropriate decoration style, so as to make it give full play to its nature and advantages. Let's take a look at the next few ceramic tiles with decoration style.


European style Ceramic Tile

1. Simple style: simple style is the most favorite decoration style of modern people. It pursues practicality, simplicity and clarity. It can be achieved by choosing light tone pure color polished brick or marble tile.

2. Mediterranean style: mainly romantic, blue sky and white clouds, natural and fresh, made of some Matt antique bricks and mosaics.

3. European style: European style is compatible with luxury, elegance and modern fashion. It is not only luxurious and romantic, but also comfortable and romantic. You can choose light tone marble tiles.

4. Classical style: classical style is grand and luxurious. Soft, delicate and textured ceramic tiles should be selected in color,

5. French Style: French style is exquisite and romantic. You can choose vitrified brick or polished brick, with low-key color, to create a simple space and noble and elegant atmosphere.

6. Rural style: the pursuit is simple and natural, elegant and comfortable, you can choose antique brick.

7. Chinese style: the integration of Chinese classical elements into the decoration. The matching of ceramic tiles advocates dark bricks instead of polished bricks.

8. Korean style: with the popularity of Korean dramas, Korean decoration has become a trend of modern young people. This style is relatively warm and lovely. You can choose light color marble tiles.

9. Southeast Asian Style: with the characteristics of famous ethnic groups, mainly for leisure and comfort, stone and solid wood can be used to create a luxurious and primitive state.

10. Mix and match style: the pursuit of personalized decoration, casual collocation, due to personal preferences, can be exaggerated, complex designs.


Tiling method

The tiling methods of ceramic tiles vary with different decoration styles, and the tiling methods of different specifications are also different. Here are a few.


1. Horizontal and vertical Tiling: it is generally applicable to simple style. Polished brick is selected to increase spaciousness and square atmosphere.

2. Combination paving: it is suitable for rural and European style. Marble tiles are selected to set off the space atmosphere.

3. I-shaped Tiling: visual sense of dislocation, creating a calm atmosphere

4. Diamond tile: it is suitable for European style, Chinese style and simple style. Antique brick is selected to make the whole look more atmospheric and increase the sense of space extension.

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