Tiles for every space and purpose

A wide variety of high-quality tile products allow WIFi to offer interior and exterior decoration. Especially we developed a range of interior designers. No matter you are a home renovator, retailer, wholesaler, builder or contractor etc. WIFi Ceramics is a one of best choices for you.

Five Premium Categories

Tiles for every space and purpose

Since the WIFi brand was established, we combined multiple styles of ceramic tile products and divide them into 5 premium categories: Marble look tiles, cement look tiles, stone look tiles, terrazzo look tiles and timber look tiles.

Marble Look Tile, Cement Look Tile, Concrete Look Tile, Wood Look Tile, Stone Look Tile

Tiles for everyone

Tiles for everyone

To make it easier for a customer to display the products better, and submit samples to developers simpler. So we made as many different kinds of presentation tools as we can. You can always ask for a sample folder or sample from us when you choose WIFi Ceramics. When you cooperate with WIFi Ceramics in-depth, we can discuss together how to manage or upgrade your showroom and what’s kind of marketing tools can help you in your business. We are always looking for ways to better serve you.

  • Tile Sample Book
  • Tile Display Board
  • Tile Display Rack
Tile Supplier and Manufacturer From China

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