Transform Your Home with Sintered Stone Slab

How is a sintered stone slab made?

The sintered stone slab is obtained by sintering abrasive particles, marble or quartz powder and special mixed resin. The sintering is a heat treatment (at very high temperature), which transforms the powder material in an indivisible material.

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What makes sintered stone slab special?

sintered stone slab

Sintered stone slabs are known for their outstanding durability and versatility. They are 100% natural and exceptionally hard, making them resistant to scratches and extreme heat. These thin slabs have a wide range of applications, from furniture facades to fireplace surrounds, and indoor/outdoor wall cladding. What sets them apart is their ability to withstand burning and knife scratches, making them ideal for tough environments. Some even resist paint, making graffiti removal a breeze, perfect for school facades.


However, proper installation on a stable base is crucial for sintered stone slab's durability. Uneven or unstable support can lead to cracking or bending under pressure or shocks. Typically, they come in 12mm thickness but can be as thin as 3mm, 4mm, or 6mm for specific uses. Maintenance is minimal, no sealing required, and they're highly stain-resistant due to being non-porous.


Usually, patterns and textures are only on the surface, not throughout the slab. Some brands offer full-bodied slabs with patterns throughout, but they tend to be pricier due to proprietary manufacturing techniques.


Working with sintered stone slab needs special equipment and expertise, as it's hard and can chip if not cut properly. Proper transportation and secure attachment during handling are crucial to prevent cracks. For sintered stone slab flooring, a level concrete foundation is essential, especially for heavy furniture.


Difference between ceramic and sintered stone slab surfaces

Sintered stone slab and ceramic surfaces share common raw materials in their production, but they diverge significantly in two critical aspects: composition and manufacturing process. Sintered stone slab incorporates additional elements, including those used in the production of quartz and glass, resulting in superior strength and durability compared to porcelain.


Furthermore, sintered stone slab is created through the application of intense pressure and heat to consolidate and meld these components. This manufacturing process replicates the natural conditions deep within the Earth where rocks are formed over millions of years. Advanced technology today allows for the acceleration of this process, reducing the timeframe from geological eons to a mere one or two days.


The benefits of sintered stone slab


UV Ray Resistance

Extreme Temperature Resistance

Ice and Freezing Resistance



Chip and Damage Resistance

Easy to Clean

Food Safe and Hygienic


High-Traffic Suitability

Natural Material


No Sealing Required


What colours can I get?

sintered stone countertop

Sintered stone slabs come in a wide range of colors, thanks to the manufacturing process. The colors are printed on the surface of the slab, as any intentional pattern wouldn't survive the sintering process. This means that patterned sintered stone isn't full-bodied, meaning the pattern doesn't run through the entire thickness of the slab. However, uniform designs remain unaffected by the sintering process and are indeed full-bodied.


One of the advantages of the printing process is that it allows for the creation of incredible and unique designs that can't be easily replicated in materials like Quartz.


How does sintered stone slab affects home design trends?

Next, we will discuss the trend of it in home design. It's not uncommon to read the same information over and over again when looking for advice on how to make your home look new. Fortunately, people's attitude towards home design is becoming more and more bold. They found that they could easily eliminate many of the conventions of home design.


When looking for inspiration, there are many ways to explore, including the Internet. If you browse the Internet, you will find that it is very popular to decorate your home with sintered stone slab,which you can use to create a unique, luxurious and lasting home space.


Wall and floor paving

Sintered Stone Slab

Are you looking for sintered stone wall paving? If yes, do not look any further. The sintered stone slab can be used as a wall protection board. It has a good visual effect to the top and will certainly attract the attention of your guests. It will immediately become your favorite place in the house. Because of its realistic imitation stone 3D texture and exquisite texture, it can create a simple but high-grade living room atmosphere for you. Sintered stone slab can range from light to dark, depending on how they are treated.


Sintered stone slab for floor paving is also another smart choice.Sintered stone slab is made from granite and blended with polymers,which will make your floor extremely durable and long-lasting.In addition, the whole infinite connecting lines of floor paving with sintered stone slab bring visual shock and improve the sense of openness of the whole space. Sintered stone flooring is also very easy to clean and does not require much maintenance. All you need to do is sweep or mop it regularly to keep it looking new,so you don't have to worry about your kids or pets making a mess on it.

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Kitchen countertop 

Sintered Stone Slab

Sintered stone slab is a hard and durable material, which can be used for kitchen countertop. This is an easy to clean and maintain surface with ultra-low porosity, which means that spills cannot compete with the surface! This makes it easy for families to clean up after dinner.


Sintered stone slab have low water absorption, making them resistant to heat and cold damage. It is sintered at 1250 ℃ and not afraid of high temperature. It will not change color and smoke when burned at high temperature, nor will it release harmful substances. It is fire-retardant and does not fade. Moreover, it is made of pure natural material and has good antibacterial performance,so you can cut vegetables directly on the sintered stone countertop without using the vegetable board. The above superior performance makes sintered stone slab very suitable for use in kitchen countertop.You can choose simple, soft colors or bright colors to make your kitchen popular!

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Kitchen cabinet

Sintered Stone Slab

Kitchen cabinet is definitely the best choice here. Using sintered stone slab for kitchen cabinet exceeds any other materials. It not only has high appearance value, but also high hardness, heat resistance and no trace of scratch. Oil can not penetrate the surface completely. Unlike quartz stone, it will change color over time. The advantage of kitchen cabinet made of sintered stone slab is that bacteria can't pollute, because it is pressed by high pressure, and high-density bacteria can't enter.


Table top

Sintered Stone Slab

Compared with other natural stones that need a lot of scrubbing, tabletop made of sintered stone slab is easier to clean. You can easily wipe the surface with soap and water or stone cleaner. The tabletop made of sintered stone slab is also not easy to deform, which also alleviates the tension of wood to a certain extent.


Compared with the tabletop with a single shape on the market, the sintered stone tabletop with optional color and style is more attractive. It only needs one or two pieces to create a perfect tabletop.

Check 8 Factors You Should Consider when Buying Sintered Stone Table which will guide you to successfully purchase high-quality sintered stone table.


Wardrobe panel

Sintered Stone Slab

The wardrobe panel made of sintered stone slab can be one slab to the top with clear texture. The whole panel is visually seamless.


The texture of sintered stone wardrobe panel is relatively hard, so it has strong stability and will not deform. The panel does not absorb moisture, is less affected by temperature, and clothes will not breed bacteria. It is resistant to bending deformation, stable quality and longer service life. It is also truly zero formaldehyde, environmental protection, and will not cause health harm to you and your family.


You can choose the suitable pattern and color according to your bedroom style. I believe that will be simple and fashionable.


Bathroom basin

Sintered Stone Slab

Why is it recommended to use sintered stone slab for a bathroom basin? Because sintered stone slab will leave some small natural holes in the sintering process, and glass particles are filled in the production process to increase the characteristics. It is these "pores" that enable the stone to breathe and resist the growth of mold. With the excellent performance of antibacterial, zero penetration and easy cleaning, the application of sintered stone slab is incisively and vividly displayed in the bathroom space.


Other common applications  also include:

Furniture facades


Patios and outdoor flooring

Exterior wall cladding

Fireplace surrounds

Swimming pool tiling

SPA and wet rooms


How to clean sintered stone slab surfaces?

Cleaning sintered stone slab surfaces is a straightforward process due to their non-porous and hygienic nature, preventing liquids from seeping in. To maintain these countertops, you can effectively remove grease and grime using either dishwashing detergent or a kitchen surface cleaner. While soap and water work well for quick cleanups, excessive use of soap may leave residue behind. For spills and minor dirt, hot water alone is usually sufficient. In cases of stubborn stains, you can opt for stronger cleaners. Typically, a more thorough cleaning with a dedicated worktop cleaner should do the job. It's worth noting that sintered stone surfaces exhibit remarkable resistance to external impacts.



Sintered Stone Slab is one of the few precious decorative products with eternal and lasting quality. If you are looking for a decorative material that can be used for a long time, then sintered stone slab is the perfect choice.The last reason that you should be using it is because you are a SMART PERSON. You like to try new things and you believe that innovation is what leads to success and progress.

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