MBO Cinemas

For the cinema, where there is a high flow customer, the floor surface needs not only wear resistance, scratch resistance but also fire resistance and water resistance. Therefore, according to the specific requirements of customers, we recommend our LVT dry back product, stepped on the foot feels super comfortable, and there is no sound. More importantly, there are two layers of UV protection of our vinyl flooring, which increases the ability to wear resistance and scratch resistance. What we recommend is wood design, soft wooden grains in accompanying the warm light, and a natural and warm feeling to the cinema.

N2N Corporate Office

N2N is a software supporting development enterprise providing design, consulting services, and related activities. Its main business is to provide trading platforms and analytical solutions for securities firms in the local stock market. Their purpose is Empowering The Capital Market with Technology. To use innovative technologies and the smartest architecture to enhance value chains, and innovate Capital Markets to break barriers and continuously set new records.

Aeon Thana Sinsap

In addition to aesthetic requirements, the floor selection in public areas especially requires excellent performance as wear-resistance and scratch resistance and easy maintenance. The choice of floors that can be quickly laid and replaced can also significantly reduce time and money costs. SPC FLOORING can fully meet the above needs. At the same time, it also has 100% waterproof and moisture-proof and B1 fire-proof performance. The choice of multiple colors and designs makes it more favored by most engineering customers.

Hotel Pudu Plaza Kuala Lumpur

The hotel in the prosperous city in Malaysia was finished purchase in July 2013. A total of 2 colors were selected for this project for the corridor, hall, and room. The warm brown color wood look design SPC is more gentle, suitable for paving rooms and hallways. The main area adopts a gradient design to blend the coffee and brown into one, which looks very atmospheric and comfortable. Our products entirely realize the hotel's main style: "warm, environmentally friendly, and enthusiastic."

6 String Guitar Studio

This project is a Guitar Studio project in Singapore. Our vinyl flooring's quality is that they will stay for prolonged periods with their original design. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, vinyl materials are more convenient, easy to install, eco-friendly, etc. It's smooth surfaces, and original patterns make impressions LVT an excellent choice for creating an on-trend style for interiors. We will do what it takes to ensure our brand value is shared among our customers. You are not only getting the best product on the market, but you are also getting our commitment to excellence in service and warranty. We were able to create a cozy space, full of character, and even boasts a bit of glamour.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool

When the client found us through the designer and shared their idea about this hotel, they soon realized that vinyl flooring is the best choice for their hotel renovation project after our detailed introduction. Our luxury vinyl planks are suitable for commercial applications, such as hotels, gym, office, and restaurant, etc. This project progress is urgently, so this easy installation vinyl flooring can effectively save their time as much as possible. After several times of discussion and sample submission, the client was satisfied with our design and quality then selected our MADERA COZE collection for their hotel.

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