Port de La Mer by Meraas

Port de La Mer brings together the charm of the Mediterranean and the glamour of metropolitan living. This high-end collection of freehold apartments is a unique addition to Dubai given its vast array of amenities and features, proximity to iconic landmarks and neighbourhoods, architectural style and of course views that are priceless.

The WB Abu Dhabi

The WB Abu Dhabi is a seven-story hotel in Abu Dhabi to accompany Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. The hotel have 156 rooms, and 156 serviced apartments, with all the rooms being themed to Warner Bros. properties like Looney Tunes and DC Comics.

Nasma Central

At 55,000 square feet in size, Nasma Central is designed to provide both residents of the community, as well visitors from the surrounding area, with access to shops, cafes and services that provide all their daily needs. Nasma Central has been designed to overlook the park, creating semi-open public spaces that act as meeting places and activity areas for visitors.

Radisson Bul Hotel, Abu Dhabi

The Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort, Abu Dhabi Corniche, boasts a supreme location for discovering the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Explore 11,000 square meters of private beach and high-end malls and cultural attractions, including the city’s oldest fort, Qasr al-Hosn. Our iconic hotel boasts a delightful mix of cuisines at various on-site eateries, as well as several event venues, including ballrooms, landscaped gardens, and spacious foyers.

Royal Atlantis Resort - F7A Package

The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences is a state-of-the-art hotel with luxurious apartments in The Crescent, a sub-community on Palm Jumeirah Island. The project is currently under construction, but it will soon become an impressive resort and residential development welcoming guests from all over the world.

Jimmy’s Suits - Larnaca, Cyprus

The hotel is located in Cyprus, which belongs to Asia, but is closer to Europe. Many European tourists visit this place all the year round. Most local hotels are either too high-end or relatively low-end, and there are few mid-range hotels. So there is great demand for mid-range hotels.

Guangzhou HEY TEA Lab Store

The main reason why this project can be done is that our product design features, high cost performance and fast supply, which not only shows the reproduction of traditional material technology by contemporary design, but also allows both refinement and simplicity. The decoration plan takes into account the traditional tea culture and the fashion sense of the younger generation.

Starbucks Chain store

The reason why this project can be done and recognized by the designer is not only that the style and performance meet the design requirements, but also because of the unique design of our products and the control of the color by our product designers. Of course, it is inseparable from the control of the production quality by the factory.

Karuma Hydro Power Station - Employers' Camp

The reason for the success of this project is that we are constantly updating the design and demanding the quality. At the same time, the product price of our factory has certain advantages compared with that of Europe and other parts of China, so it can just meet the requirements of such a large project.

Holiday homes in Eilat, Southern Israel

Amber and Charlotte, both of which are based on Italian design style, are also featured with soft surface, anti-skid and easy to clean, offering different aesthetics from different angles.It is suitable for floor and wall  and perfectly match with the needs of customers.

Apartment In Thailand

It is tortuous to get the project, Because it involves precise production cost control because it is OEM who spent a lot of time in communication design and materials, we are always based on customer demand, contrast the several factories after enterprise of similar products, we constantly seek for optimal solutions and make customers feel we have been together with him in the effort, the results we did also with good quality for the customer saving a lot of effort and cost.

Foshan March Cloth Shop

The mold has the anti-skid function in addition to deepening the texture of the brick, but it is easy to clean, which is very suitable for the needs of customers.

Home Decoration in Guangzhou

Wish everyone can dress up every corner of the house according to their own idea, because the home is the comfort after turbulence, there are warm words of loved ones. Home is a place where we can rest after a busy day, which is filled with lover's lingering eyes. It has to be comfortable,it has to be caring. Love your home and find the beauty of life.

Peterson Apartment

The colors in the dining room, living room and kitchen are perfectly integrated. Make the house warm and comfortable. Low-key but somewhat luxurious taste. When the decoration was finished, their families were very satisfied with our work. They also send photos to share happiness with us.

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