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 Project Name: ALDAR HQ
  Project Location: Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Senior Business Office Building
  Product Used:600*1200 Polihsed Tile --9000SQM;600*600 Stain Tile --3000SQM(Click Here)

This is a high-end business writing project. We provided two sizes and two surfaces for this project, 600*1200 glazed polished tile and 600*600 satin finishing tile, with a total area of 12,000 square meters.

At that time, the 600*1200 glazed polished tile was not yet available in China, and the satin finishing product was still in the experimental stage, and was not mass produced at that time.

In order to meet the requirements of this project, we had 8 meetings with our R&D colleagues. After discussion, we decided to carry out trial production and self-marketing without getting orders, because we firmly believe that only by continuously developing and surpassing our peers can we progress, and the needs of customers and the market are our lighthouse. Finally, with such efforts, the satin finishing product was successfully produced and we got the order and delivered on schedule after three months.


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