Project Name:Sparebank

Project Location: Norway

Project Type: Bank

Product Used: A6010:600*600 Matt Banco Color 1100SQM;A6016:600*600 Matt Brown Color 3500SQM;Mathcing Ceramic Mosaic 500SQM

The Norwegian market loves matte tiles, especially collections with multiple color combinations of the same style, which makes it easy and rich for them to make color combinations.

Our preferences fit perfectly with this project in Norway, and the designers on this project liked our AMBER collection.


They chose two color codes, banco and brown, and used brown floor tiles in the lobby, so that it would be more dignified and austere, because it's a bank after all. But in many other areas to choose banco color, so that the whole environment will show clean and relaxed, and in the public bathroom special choice of the same tile cut into 2.5 * 2.5cm particles of the tile mosaic, this match is the most classic way of Europe likes to match. They have both a unified style, but also texture and detail changes, making the simple decoration be of some sense of design.


This is one of our few European projects, and it was a pleasure to match the order, as the designers were highly competent and purposeful, and quickly selected what was their favorite. We were able to meet the quality and deadline requirements.

Product Used


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