Villa in New Caledonia - Noumea completed on November 8, 2019

Located near the Tropic of Capricorn, nuame is a special group of French in the southeast of Oceania. Located between Australia and New Zealand, French romance and island scenery make this island have its own unique charm.



The client is French and his villa has two floors (987.6sqm). He likes modern simple atmosphere decoration style, rock plate is undoubtedly the best product choice. This time, we mainly use the design of white karala, which will make the space look bigger and bring people a calm and comfortable sensory experience.



The high-grade surface, super large size, easy to clean and durable characteristics of porcelain slab are more and more favored by designers. At the same time, it also brings designers more space to imagine.

Another advantage of the slate is its versatility. It can not only be used for background walls, but also be processed into different shapes of countertops, coffee tables, stairs and so on, which can be used in different areas.



Now let's start with the quality of life.


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