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 Project Name: Starbucks Chain store
  Project location: Seoul, Korea
Flooring Project Size: 200 square meters
  Product Specified: TERAZZO(Click Here)

Project Background


Starbucks' rich coffee aroma permeates the lives of all kinds of people around the world. South Korea is no exception, coffee has become a necessity in life. The brand culture of Starbucks is excellent, relaxing and warm. It not only emphasizes coffee, but also brings people a kind of knowledge advocating, respecting for human orientation and a little bit of bourgeois sentiment.

Therefore, there are many requirements for decoration. The ground should be anti-skid and anti-fouling, as well as also easy to clean, fashionable and generous, which can be integrated with the cultural theme of Starbucks.



When the designer came three times for choosing the ceramic tile, We recommended TERRAZZO for the selection. The unique design of terrazzo can be comparable to marble, but if the budget is high with real marble, it will exceed the project budget. Therefore, we recommend the terrazzo ceramic tile design, which not only combines the most popular terrazzo design in Italy, but also has a light mold, which meets the needs of the ground for the anti-skid point and can be integrated with the Starbucks theme culture. The designer chose it at the moment.



The reason why this project can be done and recognized by the designer is not only that the style and performance meet the design requirements, but also because of the unique design of our products and the control of the color by our product designers. Of course, it is inseparable from the control of the production quality by the factory.

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