Project Name:  Guangzhou HEY TEA Lab Store

Location: Tianhuan square, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

Flooring Project Size: 350 M2


HEYTEA shop is a national chain store. It is estimated that there will be about 200 new stores each year, with different decoration styles and themes in different places. The project has two floors in total. The theme of this design is to let the ancient tea culture radiate new vitality, form a deeper connection with the local culture, and share the brand story with the young people in this city.




As the tea shop is located in the first tier city, the decoration style and theme bear the traditional tea culture of the older generation. On the other hand, we hope to use the tea space as the medium. Therefore, we suggest that the improved tile civil mixed with ancient cement and fashionable sense be used on the ground.




For the purchase of ceramic tiles, first of all, we should consider not only the design in line with the theme style, but also the cleaning of the ground. For the milk tea shop, anti fouling and cleaning are very important, so we recommended civil series with Italian design style and high cost performance.




The main reason why this project can be done is that our product design features, high cost performance and fast supply, which not only shows the reproduction of traditional material technology by contemporary design, but also allows both refinement and simplicity. The decoration plan takes into account the traditional tea culture and the fashion sense of the younger generation.


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