Project Name:Large Private Villa

Project Location: Cambodia

Project Type: Private Villa


Product Used: Water Jet Mosaic-2000 square meters

Step into the world of timeless sophistication and allure with our latest project that epitomizes the resurgence of the French style in interior design. At the crossroads of 2022, the realm of decoration witnessed a resplendent return of the French and light French styles, rekindling a passion for intricate details and exquisite elements. In the heart of this trend, our visionary ceramic tile solutions take center stage, breathing life into spaces that reflect the pinnacle of elegance.


Spanning across an expansive 2,000 square meters, this private residence stands as an emblem of opulence and refinement. Nestled within its walls are 6 meticulously designed toilets, an oasis-like private swimming pool, and 2 lavishly appointed living rooms destined for social gatherings and camaraderie.


Within the grand expanse of the luxurious bathrooms, our artistic touch unfolds. The very foundation is adorned with an exquisite array of stone MOSAIC, each tessera meticulously chosen to resonate with the contours of the space. The walls, an embodiment of natural marble, mirror the fine lines and intricate details of the MOSAIC. This harmonious dance of textures and forms imbues the entire environment with an unwavering sense of structure, balance, and unity. A seamless symphony of design elements cascades from the walls to the doors, from the lockers to the ceilings, enveloping occupants in a cocoon of tranquility and warmth. With a palette of light, bright, and pristine tones, our material choices effortlessly align with the designer's vision, creating a sanctuary that exudes a timeless sense of home.


Venture into the living rooms, and a new narrative unfolds. The floor is adorned with bespoke WATER JET Medal puzzles, meticulously curated in circular motifs—a testament to the owner's reverence for harmonious connections. The circular symbolism extends its embrace, fostering an inclusive atmosphere that effortlessly welcomes guests. The selection of hues, a subtle interplay between gentle grays, soothing beiges, and rich coffee tones, evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. This harmonious fusion of color and material presents a palette that resonates effortlessly with the surroundings, setting the stage for enchanting interactions.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. A seamless exchange of ideas and a shared vision with the designer propelled us forward. Bolstered by a seasoned team boasting rich project experiences and an unparalleled aptitude for harmonizing elements, we achieved swift concordance and executed the project flawlessly, from inception to delivery.


In our world, selling MOSAIC transcends mere transactions; it's an intimate journey into the heart of design aspirations. We recognize that each space is a canvas for emotions, desires, and dreams. Our commitment lies in understanding the emotional tapestry woven by owners and designers, enabling us to curate bespoke material schemes that transcend boundaries and expectations. With this relentless dedication, we continue to craft narratives that resonate deeply and stand as timeless testaments to design excellence.

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