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Large Private Villa
  Project Location: Cambodia
 Project Type: Private Villa
 Product Used: Water Jet Mosaic-2000 square meters

Dubai's Ecological Mosaic: Harmony in Care

    Project Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Government Project
   Product Used: Pattern Mosaic-20,000 square meters
Princip Hotel in Panama
  Project Location: Panama
 Project Type: Princip Hotel
 Product Used: Beige Cement Tiles-3245SQM
WiFi Ceramics New Project - Nail Salon
    Project Location: Guangzhou, China
  Project Type: Nail Salon
   Product Used: Flexible Stone - 300 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Cross-Border E-Commerce Park
  Project Location: Changsha, China
 Project Type: Cross-Border E-Commerce Park
 Product Used: Flexible Stone - 12000 square meters
WIFi New Project - Tea Shop
    Project Location: Guangzhou, China
  Project Type: Tea Shop
   Product Used: PU Stone - 110 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Chain Restaurant
  Project Location: Shenzhen, China
 Project Type: Chain Restaurant
 Product Used: Feature Tile - 570 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Guest House
    Project Location:  Changzhou, China
  Project Type: Guest House
   Product Used: Feature Tile - 680 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Bakery
    Project Location:  Dongguan, China
  Type of Project: Bakery
   Flooring project size: Feature Tile - 80 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Restaurant
  Project Location: Dongguan, China
 Project Type: Restaurant
 Product Used: Feature Tile - 300 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Milk Tea Shop
    Project Location: Chongqing, China
  Project Type: Milk Tea Shop
   Product Used: Feature Tile - 120 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Flower Art Studio
    Project Location: Changsha, China
  Type of Project: Flower Art Studio
   Flooring project size: Feature Tile - 340 square meters
WIFi New Project - Administrative Office Building
  Project Location:  Guizhou, China
 Project Type: Administrative Office Building
 Product Used: Flexible Stone - 2200 square meters
School Project in Nanjing, China
    Project Location: Nanjing, China
  Project Type: School
   Product Used: Flexible Stone - 3500 square meters
WIFi New Project - Chemical Plants and Employee Dormitories
  Project Location:  Henan, China
 Project Type:Chemical Plants and Employee Dormitories
 Product Used: Flexible Stone - 6200 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Starbucks Coffee Shop
  Project Location: Zhejiang, China
 Project Type: Coffee Shop
 Product Used: Terrazzo Tiles - 320 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Milk Tea Shop
    Project Location: Hangzhou, China
  Project Type: Milk Tea Shop
   Product Used: KIT&KAT Mosaic - 425 square meters
WIFi Ceramics New Project - Starbucks Coffee Shop
  Project Location: Suzhou, China
 Project Type: Coffee Shop
 Product Used: Terrazzo tiles - 450 square meters
Villa Project in Vietnam
    Project Location: Vietnam
  Project Type:  Villa
   Product Used: Sintered Stone Slabs-150 square meters
Specialty Hotel in China
    Project Location: China
  Project Type: Specialty Hotel
   Product Used: Subway Tile-735 square meters
Workshop in China
    Project Location: China
  Project Type: Workshop
   Product Used: Decorative Stone Wall Panel-2500 
Shopping Mall Leisure Area in Columbia
    Project Location: Columbia
  Project Type: Shopping Mall Leisure Area
   Product Used: Ceramic Mosaic-870 square meters
Apartment Hotel in Suzhou
    Project Location: Suzhou, China
  Project Type: Apartment Hotel
   Product Used: Wood Look Tiles-1,700 square meters 
Cloth Store in Vietnam
    Project Location: Vietnam
  Project Type: Cloth Store
   Product Used: Peel Stick Mosaic-215 squre meters 
Discover Tranquil Luxury: Cambodian Villa Renovation
    Project Location: Cambodia
  Project Type: 150 square meters
   Product Used: Sintered Stone Slab
CementWood Elegance: Shanghai's Culinary Haven
    Project Location: Shanghai, China
  Project Type: Chain Restaurant
   Product Used: Gray Cement Tile - 450 square meters
Crafting Splendor: The Mosaic Marvel at Atlantis, The Palm
    Project Location: Dubai
  Project Type: 220 square meters
   Product Used: Art Mosaic
High-end villa in Cambodia
  Project Location: Cambodia
 Project Type: Villa
 Product Used: Travertine Porcelain Tile-180SQM
Shopping malls in Vietnam
  Project Location:  Shopping malls in Vietnam
 Project Type: Vietnam
 Product Used: Porcelain Mosaic Tile-780SQM
Apartment in Brunei
  Project Location:  Brunei
 Project Type: Apartment
 Product Used: Colorful Terrazzo Tile-2000SQM
Kuwaiti Chain Bakery
    Project Location: Kuwaiti
  Project Type: Bakery
   Product Used: Cement Tile-400SQM
Abu Dhabi Chain Restaurant
    Project Location: Abu Dhabi
  Project Type: Restaurant Bathroom
   Product Used: Subway Tile-550SQM
Shopping Malls in Bahrain
    Project Location: Bahrain
  Project Type: Shopping Malls
   Product Used: Subway Tile-350SQM
4 star Hotel in Qatar
    Project Location: Qatar
  Project Type: Hotel Buffet Area
   Product Used: Subway Wall Tile-120SQM
Starbucks at Singapore Airport
    Project Location: Singapore
  Project Type: Starbucks
   Product Used: Terrazzo Tiles-150SQM
Swimming Pool in China
    Project Location: China
  Project Type: Swimming Pool
   Product Used: Ceramic Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile
Restaurant in Guangzhou
    Project Location: Guangzhou
  Project Type: Restaurant
   Product Used: Glass Mosaic-400 square meters 
Small Restaurant in Ecuador
    Project Location: Ecuador
  Project Type: Small Restaurant
   Product Used: Wood Look Tile-150SQM
Small Supermarket in Ecuador

Project Location: Ecuador

 Project Type: Small Supermarket

 Product Used: Slate Tile-350SQM
Riverland,Dubai Parks&Resorts

Project Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd- Dubai - United 
Arab Emirates

 Project Type: Integrated Project of High-end Cultural 
and Tourism Area and Residential Area

 Product Used: 600*600*20 ,Tile and Natural Stone,
7300SQM in total
Al Mafraq Hospital

  Project Location: Abu Dhab - United Arab Emirates

Project Type: Hospital

 Product Used: Olga Series:600*600(Matt); 
300*300(Matt); 300*600 (Half Polished);Totally 93000SQM
    Project Location: Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates

  Project Type: Senior Business Office Building

   Product Used: 600*1200 Polihsed Tile 
--9000SQM;600*600 Stain Tile --3000SQM
Emirate National School
    Project Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: High-end International School
   Product Used: Monte Series:600*600 Matt 
--9000SQM;300*300 Matt -7000SQM
Mondrian Tower
    Project Location: Doha, Qatar
  Project Type: Commercial Center
   Product Used: 600*600 Matt Beige Marble Look 
Tile -- 23000SQM
New York University
    Project Location: Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: University
   Product Used: 600*1200 Polihsed Tile 
--9000SQM;600*600 Stain Tile --3000SQM
Opera House
    Project Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Shopping Mall
   Product Used: 600*1200 Carrara , 
Marble Look Glazed Polished Tile 7000SQM;600*1200 Elegant Grey, Marble Look Glazed Polished Tile 5000SQM
Sky View
    Project Location:Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Commercial Center + Apartment
   Product Used: 600*600 Double Loading 
Polished --75000SQM;600*600 Double Loading Matt --21000SQM;Swimming Pool Mosaic--1200SQM
    Project Location: Norway
  Project Type: Bank
   Product Used: A6010:600*600 Matt Banco 
Color 1100SQM;A6016:600*600 Matt Brown Color 3500SQM;Mathcing Ceramic Mosaic 500SQM
UAE Ambassador Residence
    Project Location: United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Residence Villa
   Product Used: 600*900 Marble Look Tile 
Ceram Marfil -- 2200SQM;600*600 Marble Look Tile Ceram Marfil -- 1200SQM
Vox Cinmas Mall
    Project Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Shopping Mall
   Product Used: 600*600 Polished Tile ; Double Load 
Crystal White and Beige 9000SQM;600*600 Matt Taupe 3000SQM
World Trade Center
    Project Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Commercial Office Building
   Product Used: 600*600 Polished Tile,Pure 
Ivory; 300*600 Wall Tile Travertine Design; 300*300 Matt Floor Tile; Total: 60000 SQM
Zayed University
    Project Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: University
   Product Used: 60*60 matt ,grey color , 7000SQM
6 String Guitar Studio
    Project Location: Singapore
  Project Type: Guitar Studio Renovation
   Flooring Project Size: 500 SQM
Port de La Mer by Meraas
    Project Location: 2A Street - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai

  Project Type: Community Center - Swimming Pool

   Product Used: 48x48mm Swimming Pool Mosaic 
Tile Total 576.05m²
The WB Abu Dhabi
  Project Location: Yas Bay - Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - 
United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Hotel
   Product Used: 75x150mm Subway Tile Total 750.38m²
Nasma Central
    Project Location: Al Suyoh Suburb - Al Rigaibah - 
  Project Type: Private Residence
   Product Used: Glazed Tiles Total 1640.07m²
Radisson Bul Hotel, Abu Dhabi
    Project Location: Corniche Rd - Al Bateen - 
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Five Star Hotel - Bathroom
   No. BR6004  Spec. 600x600mm  Area 1000.8㎡
Royal Atlantis Resort - F7A Package
Project Location: Crescent Rd - The Palm Jumeirah -
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Five Star Hotel - Swimming Pool
Product Used: Shell Mosaic Total 593.61m²
MBO Cinemas
    Project Location: Malaysia
  Type of Project: Cinema Design
   Flooring project size: 1100 SQM
N2N Corporate Office
    Project Location: Bangsar South, Malaysia
  Type of Project: Office Renovation
   Flooring project size: 800 SQM
Hotel Pudu Plaza Kuala Lumpur
    Project Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  Type of Project: Hotel Project
   Flooring project size: 2200 SQM
Titanic Hotel Liverpool
    Project Location: Liverpool, UK
  Type of Project: Bar Renovation
   Flooring project size: 350 SQM
Jimmy’s Suits - Larnaca, Cyprus
Product Specified: CIVIL and CHARLOTTE
Sichuan Tourist resort B&B Hotel
   Product Specified: Sintered Stone series
Shanghai Ya fan SPA Life Hall
   Products Specified: Sintered Stone
Al Hitmi Office Building In Doha
   Product Specified: Cava and Porcelain Slab
Villa project in Thailand Koh Samui
Project Location: Koh Samui
Product Specified: SINTERED SLAB
Size: 1600*3200mm
Modern Villa
   Villa in New Caledonia - Noumea completed on 
November 8, 2019
A Western kitchen in a Chinese community
    Project Location: Chengdu - Wanke
   Product Specified: Sintered Stone
Guangzhou HEY TEA Lab Store
    Location: Tianhuan square, Tianhe District, 
Guangzhou, China
  Flooring Project Size: 350 M2
Starbucks Chain Store
    Project location: Seoul, Korea
  Flooring Project Size: 200 square meters
   Product Specified: TERAZZO
Karuma Hydro Power Station--Employers' Camp
 Product Specified: AMBER and CHARLOTTE
Holiday homes in Eilat, southern Israel
   Product Specified: AMBER and CHARLOTTE
Thailand's apartment
   Product Specified: Sandstone and Travertine
Foshan March Cloth Shop
   Product Specified: Terrazzo Series
Abu Dhabi New Airport
    Project Location: Abu Dhab - United Arab Emirates
  Project Type: Airport Terminal
   Product Used: 600*600 Polished Tile Totally 13000SQM
Home Decoration in Guangzhou
    Project Date: October 7, 2018
  Type of Project: Home decoration
   Flooring Project Size: 120sqm
Hong Kong Peter's home
    Project Date: May 1, 2020
  Type of Project: Home decoration
   Product Specified: Tropik Collection
Elegant KIT KAT MOSAIC Revealed in South Australia's Top Apartments
    Project Location: Australia
  Project Type: Private Project
   Product Used: KIT KAT MOSAIC
Aeon Thana Sinsap
    Project Location: Thailand
  Type of Project: Reception Design
   Flooring project size: 200 SQM
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