The RIVERLAND project, located in Dubai, is both a high-end private residence and a mixed-use commercial complex for tourism and culture. This project not only requires physical properties such as slip resistance and abrasion resistance, but also very strict requirements for delivery timelines.

Abu Dhabi New Airport

This is the new Abu Dhab Airport, located in Abu Dhab, United Arab Emirates. We are very honored to be the supplier of this project because the airport is a super large traffic entrance, and doing a good job on such a project will bring more experience and confidence to our team and our client.


This is a hospital project in 2015. The hospital is located at 8JH7+J9F - International Highway - Shakhbout City - Al Mafraq - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates and is an advanced public hospital.We supplied a total of 3 sizes and 2 surfaces for this project, with a total area of 93,000 square meters. The total delivery time was 8 months, because after the 6th month of delivery, the project was restocked with 1200 square meters due to miscalculations or wastage.


This is a high-end business writing project. We provided two sizes and two surfaces for this project, 600*1200 glazed polished tile and 600*600 satin finishing tile, with a total area of 12,000 square meters.At that time, the 600*1200 glazed polished tile was not yet available in China, and the satin finishing product was still in the experimental stage, and was not mass produced at that time.

Emirate National School

This is an international school project in 2016. We supplied a total of 2 sizes and 2 colors for this project. Because it is a school, the architects wanted it to present a warm, positive feeling in general, and at the same time the tiles used throughout the building had to be safe.

Mondrian Tower

This is a project in 2016, with a commercial center on the first to fifth floors, and high-end commercial offices on the rest.The tiles used in this project were not our existing regular style, but the builder sent us pictures to find similar ones.Because we knew the background of this project, we made an urgent sample production, and we provided the real sample to the customer on the 7th day.


This is a university project from 2017. The architectural designer gave a rendering of a stately and clean building with a predominantly gray tone throughout and white floors.The architects needed us to provide an interior and exterior floor tile solution. Based on this design concept, the material consultant suggested 600*600 super white tiles and 600*600 ivory matt tiles, while 600*600*20 and 300*600*20 thick tiles were suggested for the outdoor area.


We all know that Dubai has a well-developed retail industry, with malls everywhere, which is due to its geographical environment, so that it can produce a stunning architectural material. This is a high-end shopping mall located in the heart of the city, which is full of famous brands. We supplied 600*1200 glazed polished tiles in two colors, one is Carrara and the other is Elegant Grey.


Located in the city center, the SKY VIEW is across the street from Dubai Mall, and is two h-shaped buildings with beautiful and powerful shapes and an open-air swimming pool in the shape of a cruise ship on the top floor.We supplied the tiles for this project in 2015. At that time, the designer gave us renderings of homogeneous tiles in Banco color with polished & matt finishing effect, for which we provided two options of tile matching.


The Norwegian market loves matte tiles, especially collections with multiple color combinations of the same style, which makes it easy and rich for them to make color combinations.Our preferences fit perfectly with this project in Norway, and the designers on this project liked our AMBER collection.

UAE Ambassador Residence

Although marble is beautiful and atmospheric, its extraction consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. Out of the pursuit of energy and environmental protection, the owner decided to choose tile instead, but still with a 1:1 restored marble design, fully reflecting the owner's noble pursuit.

Vox Cinmas Mall

This is a high-end mall project located at Mall of Emirates - Level 2 - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. The underground parking was costly and difficult to build due to the location, and to solve this problem the architects cleverly planned for the parking to be on the roof of the building.

World Trade Center

This is a high class business office building. Dubai has a very developed trade industry because of its open economic environment. The demand for office space is very high. This is a commercial complex with a total floor area of 100,000 square meters.We supplied all the wall and floor tiles for the public restrooms and the floor tiles for the common areas of the office building.

Zayed University

This is a university project in 2011, unfortunately, we did not have much experience in public projects at that time, so we provided a very small part of tiles for such a large project, which is for the floor of 3 cafeterias of the university.Because it was a cafeteria, the builder required full body, glazed PEI level 4, as well as non-slip and easy to clean tile products. Based on the color scheme of the rendering, we provided 60*60 grey color, BASALT series.

6 String Guitar Studio

This project is a guitar studio project in Singapore. Our vinyl flooring's quality is that they will stay for prolonged periods with their original design. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, vinyl materials are more convenient, easy to install, eco-friendly, etc. It's smooth surfaces, and original patterns make impressions LVT an excellent choice for creating an on-trend style for interiors.

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