Most people will choose mosaic tileas their priority for home decor due to the glossy and attractive look. Besides the finish of the mosaic tiles, the material is another vital factor that you should focus on. This article introduces popular and stylish mosaic tiles in 3 different materials. Let's read on and check them out!

Glass Mosaic

Glass mosaic is mainly made of natural minerals and glass powder. It is light, resistant to acid, alkali, and chemical corrosion, an eco-friendly option with excellent performance. At the same time, glass mosaic also has a small vary slightly based on different types of glass. Therefore, mosaic tiles are available in a variety of finish effects to achieve high visual appeal.

The bright colors of mosaic tiles make them ideal for graph designs. Of course, glass mosaic can also embellish ceramic tiles to make the room less dull. And it is easy to clean and can be widely applied in backsplashes, bathrooms, churches, and walls. However, please kindly note that it is rarely used for floors because it is not hard-wearing.

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Stone mosaic

Stone mosaic is the oldest and most traditional mosaic, which is to inlay and tile the little stone to create a decor. Nowadays, the stone will go through a series of processes, such as cut, polished to form the stone mosaic. And according to different treatment, there are two forms of matte surface and glossy surface. Also, it has many shapes, like square, strip, round, irregular or rough surface, and so on.

Marble mosaic is the most famous kind of stone mosaic. It is highly durable and will not flake or discolor due to the environment and time. With a pure stone texture, it shows the style of natural and elegant. It is widely used in all kinds of building, interior, and exterior ornament and is a perfect high-grade decorative tile. Use stone mosaic tiles to decorate the walls or floors, not only wear-resistant and beautiful but also retains the rustic feeling of the natural stone itself.

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Porcelain mosaic

Porcelain mosaic is known for small, exquisite, and great wear resistance, but it has less variation in shape. And it can retain a rough surface without any surface treatment. As a result, it usually less expensive compared to the above two types of mosaic tiles. Conversely, if glazed and fired, it will form a smooth surface, but at a higher cost. Generally speaking, the porcelain mosaic layout is regular to make the overall visual neat and fresh.

Porcelain mosaic has many properties, such as waterproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean, and more, making it very versatile.



1) Wall and ground decor for hotels, restaurants, and more commercial places to show the luxury.

2) With the excellent anti-slip property, it is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, dining room, living room, and more.

3) It can bring a vibrant feeling due to the rich colors, many different styles and patterns. So it is very suitable for swimming pools, fountains, bars, ballrooms, stadiums, parks, etc.

4) Especially for large public venues, it is often to use it to create the ceramic murals. It is the best way to show the artistic charm of mosaic and become the most avant-garde decorative art.

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