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Factors We Should Consider When Choosing Floor Tiles Online

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Ceramic tile online shopping strategy

In the age of Internet, believed that consumers are familiar to "online shopping". However, not all consumers can accept buying ceramic tiles online, such as furniture, ceramic tiles and so on. For online purchase of polished tiles, full glaze tiles and other ceramic products, if online shop delivery and logistics distribution link to each other, purchasing in a physical shop would be a better choice than buying ceramic tiles online. And this factor becomes a gap between many consumers and ceramic online shop.

Polished Tile Flooring

The convenience, swiftness, and the fair price are important advantages that help to attract consumer groups. With the rise of ceramic mall, many polished tiles, full glazed tiles and other ceramic products have been presented on the online shopping platform. The color difference, description and logistics of ceramic floor tiles have become the most concerned issues of consumers. We don't know how many people have considered buying ceramic tiles online, and how many people have given up this idea because of many concerns. In fact, online purchase of ceramic tiles is not bad. If you want to buy ceramic tiles online in the new year, you can still have a reliable strategy.


Pay attention to sales volume and commodity evaluation

Pictures and shop descriptions may not be consistent with baby's details. Online shopping of ceramic tiles should especially look at the evaluation details. Although this evaluation also would not be totally true, most of them are authentic and reliable. Consumers should carefully check and learn to select valuable information. Through looking through this evaluation information, combining with pictures, sales and other information, they can roughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of products and master the products The general situation, do not look at the seller's description alone, on the head fever, direct purchase.

Confirm whether the actual situation of the product is consistent with the description of the store

Maybe some people think it's superfluous. Customer service is eager to pursue sales volume. It's better to say how good it must be. But even if the customer service has the intention to cheat. While you are questioning it carefully, it would also lack of confidence and show the drawbacks, but it depends on whether you can detect it. We can ask questions about water absorption, the usage, manufacturer's certificate of conformity, etc. For example, what is the effect of polishing brick paving, what is the color effect after full glaze paving, etc.

WIFi Ceramics Product Collections

Purchase it by one time:

The building materials such as ceramic tiles are special. Although there are some errors in the colors of different batches of ceramic tiles of the same model. When consumers buy ceramic tiles in batches, there will exist problems such as color difference, so sellers would have reason to refuse to refund or exchange a new good to you. It is recommended to purchase ceramic tiles by one time and reserve more. If the color difference of ceramic tile products in the unified logistics batch occurs, consumers can return and exchange the products on the spot to avoid unnecessary loss. For the approximate number of tiles required, the following methods can be used: One method is to measure the quantity according to the foreman. The other method is that we need to calculate it through this formula: floor tile area = length × width × (1 + 5% loss); Wall tile area = perimeter × height × (1 + 10% loss); Number of pieces; Area / Single piece area; Number of waistline pieces = Perimeter / Waistline length + 1.

In fact, as long as consumers are buying floor tiles, they should first understand the relevant knowledge of the floor tiles they want to buy, purchase floor tiles in the online shop with good reputation and good brand manufacturers, ask the customer service for the details of the floor tiles, negotiate with the merchants for damages compensation, and ensure that the floor tiles they buy are not fake products. If you can ensure these progresses, online shopping for floor tiles could be also a good choice.


Problems encountered in online shopping for floor tiles: the floor tiles are damaged in delivery. The floor tiles are bulky, heavy and relatively easy to be damaged. The bumpy journey would cause the floor tiles to be damaged. The brand of online shopping floor tiles has been left behind. Many online stores may make mistakes in their busy work or be driven by some bad motivation to send you floor tiles that are not what you ordered Products. Additionally, Foshan ceramics has a good reputation in the world. Consumers often choose famous ceramic brands, such as the top ten brands of ceramic tiles and home ceramics. Therefore, it's possible that some illegal businesses would label their fake products with these brands. You should be careful.  If you want a sincere tile supplier in Foshan, WIFi Ceramics is the one you are looking for! 

To recap, consumers should pay attention to the followings:

1. When buying floor tiles, first you should understand what kind of floor tiles you need for decoration as well as the quantity. Glazed tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of toilets and kitchens. They are used together with interior wall tiles. When shopping for floor tiles online, consumers can inquire about the applicable space of customer service floor tiles to avoid adverse selection. The number of floor tiles required is calculated by (Decoration area / Area of each floor tile) × (1 + 3%), which is the number of floor tiles required during construction, of the which that 3% is the construction loss.


2. Online shopping for floor tiles is a bulk order commodity. Consumers should choose a qualified ceramic online shopping platform that can provide after-sales service guarantee or go directly to the official website for purchase the floor tiles in a certain brand. For example, the top ten brands of ceramic tiles and home furnishing ceramics have their own official websites. Only in this way can they protect their own benefits to the maximum extent, and never covet the small price given by small online stores.


3. The consumer can ask the customer service to understand the information of the merchant and confirm that the floor tile you are going to buy is a high-quality first-class product (CCC certification mark, radioactive product meeting the requirements of class A).

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