What is the Sintered Stone?

Sintered Stone is an innovative large format tile, a more popular choice for indoor and outdoor decorative slab in the last few years.

What is a Sintered Stone made of?

Sintered Stone is made of clays, feldspar, silica, and natural colored minerals.

How big are Sintered Stone?

We offer 6 different sizes of tile slab in common use: 1600*3200*6mm, 1600*3200*12mm; 1200*2400*6mm, 1200*2400*12mm; 800*2600*15mm, 750*2600*15mm.
If you have any special demands on the products, please contact us directly. We will offer you the best service.


Is Sintered Stone better than quartz?

Yes, the Sintered Stone has a better performance in a comprehensive way, no matter in quality, durability, or other aspects.

Why is Sintered Stone so expensive?

Because Sintered Stone requires a very high-tech manufacturing process, making it have a longer lifespan than other tiles. It's a cost-effective option for artistry and practicability.

Is Sintered Stone suitable for the tabletop?

Yes, Sintered Stone are usually made in large size that fit a tabletop. It is highly wear- resistant, scratch-resistance, anti-stain, and heat-resistance, making it a more preferable option for a tabletop.

Is Sintered Stone suitable for a kitchen?

Yes, the Sintered Stone is non-porous and impermeable, as its water absorption rate is only 0.02%, while the ceramic slab is 0.5%, standing up to bacteria.

Is Sintered Stone suitable for flooring?

Yes, Sintered Stone are highly wear-resistant. It's sturdy and perfect for high-traffic places.

Is Sintered Stone suitable for the fireplace wall?

Yes, the Sintered Stone has excellent fireproof and high-temperature resistance, which is ideal for fireplace surrounds.

Is Sintered Stone suitable for the bathroom?

Yes, the Sintered Stone can protect against water infiltration with almost zero water absorption, helping it hold off moisture and steam completely.

Is Sintered Stone easy to bend?

No, the Sintered Stone has excellent dimensional stability and sturdiness, so it won’t easily get deformation.

Can the Sintered Stone be installed on the wall?

Yes, the Sintered Stone may seem heavy, but actually it is not. It's relatively thin and light, very suitable for TV backdrop, hotel background, and other wall cladding or embellishments.

Can Sintered Stone be installed outdoor?

Yes, the Sintered Stone is available in paving or decking for many outdoor scenes such as urban garden, patio, and balcony, which can better protect the structural wall.

Why Sintered Stone suitable for indoor fitment?

Because Sintered Stone is safe, as it is non-radiation and formaldehyde-free. Its large format can reduce joints to create a seamless effect, and then enhance interior design aesthetics.

What else can I get from WIFi?

We also offer some custom fabrications of Sintered Stone, such as bathroom integrated sink, cabinet, vanity, etc. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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