Natural Stone Marble Mosaic-Hexagon

Natural Stone Marble Mosaic-Hexagon

How do we know your quality good or not?

Our main export market is North America, Europe,Middle east, South East Asia, Oceania etc. High solution detailed photos and video will be sent and free samples are available to.

Can you make custom products from our designs?

Yes, we do OEM and ODM. OEM MOQ is 1 palete 72 m².

Can you help me do consolidation for my project or other import products?

Yes, we can. We can arrange our forwarding department to help you to consolidate all products into the container.


What if the products are broken during transportation?

All our products are insurance covered, our after sales will sort our the reasons and you'll be properly compensated.


We are big wholesaler for super market, do you have customers from super market?

Yes do! We have customers for wholesalers. And our production & quality control & Doc. Service are doing very well.


I'm a home owner and I need small quantity, what do I do?

Please check with our sales team for Alibaba wholesale channel of ex stock products for small quantity purchase, or check with our distributor locally.

We have one or few stores, after first order can you arrange samples and sample boards for us?

Yes we have. We always have one set samples for new orders.

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