How long do I wait to install tile on a new concrete slab?

New concrete reaches full strength after 21 days but it is recommended to wait the full curing period of 28 days before installing tile.

Will tile fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight?

No. The colour of your tiles are oven-heated at temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees. As such, they are impervious to fading.

Does the gloss level affect slip-resistance?

High-gloss products will be more slippery than low-gloss products.

Can I install tiles over existing ceramic tile?

As long as the existing tile is cleaned thoroughly and sound, and the right adhesive is used, this should be fine.

Can you use tiles outside?

Yes, tiles for outdoor areas have been specifically designed for that purpose. Their design features cover issues such as slip resistance, water absorption and changes in temperature.

What type of tile can be used around my fireplace?

Any tile can be used on the face of a fireplace. Putting the tile directly in the firebox is not recommended, but high-fired ceramic tile is often used directly on top of and surrounding the firebox.

How long will tiles last?

As long as you don't chip at the tile with any heavy or sharp objects, tile should last for the life of the home.
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