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How to Distinguish the Good from the Bad of Ceramic Tiles?

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Ceramic tiles are the necessary materials for decoration, but we know little about the choice of ceramic tiles. We may often listen to others to introduce this good or that good, but the market is complicated, and how much do we know? Today, let's talk about how to distinguish between good and bad tiles. 


 dark tile

Ceramic tiles, also known as porcelain tiles, are acid-and-alkali-resistant ceramic/stone for building or decorative materials formed by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing sintering refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides. Its raw materials are mostly mixed with clay, quartz sand, and so on. Ceramic tiles can also be divided into marble look tile, stone look tile, cement look tile, terrazzo look tile, timber look tile, and etc.


Identification Method

I. Look           

First, look at the water absorption of ceramic tiles. The lower the water absorption, the better the quality of ceramic tiles. How to look? Drip water to the back of the ceramic tile to see the diffusion area of the water drop. If the diffusion area is small, it means the water absorption is low.

Then look at the label and check whether there is a regular manufacturer's product label on the tile's bottom embryo. If there is a vague label or no label, it is suggested to choose carefully.

At the same time, pay attention to whether there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, edges, corners, etc. on the surface of ceramic tiles, and whether there are defects such as leakage, wear and tear, and whether the glass tiles are deformed.

II. Pinch           

After looking, if there are no problems mentioned above, try the feel of the tile. If the feel of the tile is heavy, it means that high density the good quality. On the contrary, it is lighter and of poor quality.

III. Listen          

Listening to the sound can also distinguish the good from bad ceramic tiles, but the knocking method may differ for different tiles. Here is the introduction from the two aspects of kitchen wall tiles and glass tiles:

Tapping Method

I. Wall tiles or small-sized tiles

Separate your hand and hold up the tile with five fingers, and tap the tile face with the other hand. If the sound emitted has a metallic texture, the quality of the tile is better.



marble look tiles for bathroom


II. Earth bricks (vitrified bricks or antique bricks used in living rooms and other floors)

Lift one side of the ceramic tile with one hand, and hit the middle of the tile with the upper part of the other hand's palm.

If the sound is thick and the echo is long, the ceramization degree of the ceramic tile is high. It has great wear resistance, high bending strength, low water absorption, and not easy to be polluted.

If the sound is turbid and no echo, the ceramization degree is low (even cracks). The embryo body of the ceramic tile is not fully calcined, leading to poor wear resistance, low flexural strength, and high water absorption. Such vitrified bricks are very vulnerable to pollution. 

III. Open           

Open the box for inspection to see if there is any damage. Pull the products in different packages one by one. Lay them out to see if there are any differences in color and size.

IV. Check     

Take out 4 pieces of products of the same specification/model at will and put them together. Through this step, you can check the size, flatness, and straight angle of the tiles.

V. Trial            

It is only aimed at the anti-slip problem of ceramic floor tiles.

non slip tiles


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