Ceramic tile is a kind of material with multiple functions such as beautifying appearance and providing waterproof function in the process of modern architectural transformation. Because of its wide application, ceramic floor tile suppliers will introduce and provide samples or sample references by classification. When choosing the functionality of the application, the size and color of personal preferences, we need to pay attention to that - because of the difference of tile material, origin and design country, there are also great differences in price. Here are some techniques of selecting ctiles.

Ceramic tile - the tile, which is made of clay, is a natural and environmentally friendly building material. Its appearance shows the original color of clay or the color of clay mixed with other minerals. For example, brick red, brown, gray black, earth yellow, etc. Because of the large capillary holes and the visible pores on the surface, ceramic tiles present a simple and natural texture, which is why many people like to use them in the home space. The main disadvantages of ceramic tiles are large capillary holes, high water absorption and low hardness, which are difficult to maintain and clean when they are used on the wall or ground.

Ceramic tile materials are divided into three types: ceramic, stone and porcelain. Ceramic and stone are glazed tiles. The characteristics of porcelain are low water absorption and high hardness. For example, the bathroom in the indoor space is highly water-efficient, so it is easy to clean and maintain the tiles with low water absorption and high hardness. I am going to share the details of the various kind of ceramic tiles.

Texture brick is a type developed according to the characteristics of imitation materials, which is expected to have the advantages of both ceramic tiles and imitation materials. There are wood grain, cloth grain, leather grain, bamboo rattan and other textures with different colors. These ceramic tiles imitating natural materials are so delicate in texture and color that they can be confused. Moreover, they have many advantages, such as easy to clean, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch, not easy to fade, etc. It is another new choice for those who like the natural style and look forward to convenient cleaning and long-term use.

Mosaic tiles as one type of ceramic tiles in the smallest area, at the same time, it's the most common ceramic art highlights. Mosaic brick has a wide range of applications, from wall materials, indoor bathroom floor to artistic creation and modeling materials. Because the area of a single mosaic tile is quite small, it can provide a variety of visual changes in pattern and color when assembled into a piece. When applied to the floor, it has anti-skid function, so it is often applied to the bathroom floor. The application of computer-generated mosaic tiles in the floor or wall can present unique patterns, which can promote the ceramic tiles from building materials to artistic creation.


At present, mosaic brick materials include ceramics, clay, stone, glass, pearl shell and so on. The way of application is related to the material type. For example, because of its hardness and characteristics, perlite, glass, etc. cannot be used in the floor but have a good decorative effect: and ceramics, stone are the most widely used. In addition, although the mosaic brick is to feel the visual richness of the whole large area, it can have a variety of choices in the shape of a single small ceramic tile, such as square, circular, hexagonal, cardioid, irregular, etc.


In addition, there are also rectangular, single color and orderly arrangement forms, which are especially suitable for small-sized and two-dimensional hanging mainly used as exterior walls or walls. In recent years, there are also special types of mosaic bricks with special functions, such as night light, metal axial surface, mini, etc., which are emerging in a dizzying selection.


To choose mosaic tiles, we need to consider the color, size, material and the overall sense of vision, which can bring surprises and changes when applied in the home space as a visual ornament. If large area mosaic is used in indoor space, the convenience of cleaning and maintenance and the long-term visual balance need to be considered. After all, too novel and strong features are not durable to look at, and the home space still needs to pay attention to the overall feeling easy to relax.

Quartz brick has the characteristics of low water absorption, high hardness and scratch resistance, which is the most widely used ceramic tile at present. Polished quartz brick is a common floor building material in modern home and hotel. It is mainly made of quartz, kaolin, clay and other components, and then polished by machine. The well-constructed polished quartz brick floor makes the space feel comfortable and elegant, similar to the high-level sense of stone, but the relative price is easy.

There are many choices for the color and size of polished quartz brick. The larger the size, the thicker the  thickness, the heavier the weight, the higher the hardness, the more wear-resistant, and the higher the price. As the overall flatness of polished quartz brick is the key point of inspection after construction, the level of floor and the quality of quartz brick are also the key factors affecting the construction quality.

Note: "polishing", as the name implies, is a particularly smooth surface, which is suitable for dry cleaning. Families with elderly or children at home need special attention. The brick color of polished quartz brick is light and there are fine pores. If it is like coffee or liquid with dyeing power pouring on the polished quartz brick, it will cause "color eating" problem, and it must be cleaned immediately.


Quartzite slate brick: the "quartzite slate brick" imitating slate, whether in color, appearance or texture, will make people think it is slate stone, durable and easy to clean and maintain. For those who like to pursue the natural style, it is a good choice to play the creativity and apply it in a variety of spaces.

Super wear-resistant quartz brick and retro brick: there are many kinds of quartz brick, and there are also "super wear-resistant quartz brick" suitable for many people to walk and developed with wear-resistant function as the main demand. There are many color systems and high durability. In addition, the "retro brick" with retro flavor looks like ceramic brick, but its surface may not be smooth and flat. After careful observation, it can be found that it has the characteristics of wear-resistant and easy to maintain. It can be used for decoration on the wall, and it can also be pasted on the floor to make people feel strong old age flavor.


 Some Tips 

The way to choose ceramic brick is to tap the brick surface lightly. The clearer the sound is, the firmer the brick is, and the higher the hardness is, the more durable it is. The common ceramic bricks on the market are wall brick, cultural brick, Roman brick, fire-head brick, foot two brick, etc., with different colors, sizes and characteristics. The emery ceramic tile made of ceramic tiles is made by special firing technology to improve the hardness. Therefore, the appearance and hardness of the ceramic tiles are quite different from those of ordinary ceramic tiles. 

From the surface touch, it will feel rough and grainy. It has good antiskid function. This is the reason why the ceramic tiles are fired after spraying natural silica sand on the surface. Often used in the balcony, kitchen, stairs and bathroom and other wet and non-slip floor. As the emery tiles are made of ceramic tiles, the color selection is limited, most of them are dark and light red brick. Although the choice of color and size is limited, it is still a good choice in terms of function and price.


The cover mold ceramic brick is a kind of improved ceramic brick. It is made by firing at a thousand degrees of high temperature, which makes the ceramic brick harder, less porous, and has the characteristics of compression resistance and wear resistance. It can be used in garage floor, outdoor courtyard floor or indoor compartment wall. This new building material has many colors and low water absorption, which combines the advantages of brick and quartz brick.


Tiling methods and precautions: different size, color and texture of tiles have their own appropriate tiling techniques. Square ceramic tile can be used as ground transmission by choosing to stick vertically on one piece or by rhombic oblique sticking. Generally, the diamond diagonal paste method will make the space floor look more vivid, but the construction cost is also high; the vertical flat paste method is more common, and the visual sense is also relatively flat.

Using different floor tiles and tiling methods in different spaces will have the effect of separating the space, which makes the visual difference of the space floor larger and also makes the space conversion more interesting. If it is rectangular and the size of the larger tiles, you can also use staggered paste method, so that the visual effect of the extension. No matter which tiling method is adopted, the focus of inspection is to regard the demand of using space as the judgment basis of completion. For example, the floor of the wall and the general interior space should focus on the overall flatness to avoid the uneven between the floor tiles and the size of the gap between the tiles, because it will affect the level of furniture placement and the safety of walking.


Bathroom or balcony and other places that pay attention to drainage, the angle of tile laying is very important, which directly affects the speed of drainage and the drying time of the ground. As a decorative tile, we should pay attention to the consistency of floor tiles design and color. Although these are small details, they will affect the long-term use of the state and the convenience of cleaning and maintenance work, so we need to pay special attention to the acceptance.

In conclusion, there are lots of things to consider when we are selecting the floor tiles. Believed that the sharing would help you in your room layout and decoration. If you need a hand, please feel free to contact us. WIFi ceramics are always happy to help you!


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